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miraDry® testimonial from Nicole Capper

Mrs. SA 2018 & Survivor SA 2019 

Treatment performed by Dr. Reza Mia at Anti-Aging Art

Houghton Estate, Johannesburg


My name is Quinton de Villiers CEO and entrepreneur. I also carry the current title

“Sir Johannesburg 2021”
As we all know, it’s easy for marketers to brag about their products or services. I want to write this testimonial about miraDry and my personal experience and story as to why I am their brand ambassador. I am not getting paid for this testimonial or any free products just a true story that made my life a lot better.

Although I am a very successful businessman addressing staff and people daily. I suffer from anxiety and having difficulty functioning with sweaty armpits and sweat-soaked shirts when the anxiety kicks in.

I had Botox procedures under my arms costing a fortune every couple of months to try and stop the underarm sweat but was only a temporary solution. It was then when my doctor advised me about this new revolutionary procedure called miraDry. I immediately got in contact with them through my Doctor and booked the procedure.

It’s been two months and the results are astounding, to say the least. My confidence levels are through the roof. I now have the freedom to wear my favourite shirts to meetings/seminars addressing them without the fear of my underarms being sweaty and people noticing.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from similar “conditions” as it made a huge impact on my life after so many years.

Quinton de Villiers
CEO and Entrepreneur.
Current “Sir Johannesburg 2021

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